Common Sense in the Lifestyle

By: Sharon Lynn

Why does it seem all common sense goes out the window when people start in the lifestyle?

People make posts asking about things that would have had them running in a vanilla relationship

“I met a Dom online. They said for our first meet I have to go to their house and strip naked for an inspection? Is that normal?”

I have had this one happen to me. I knew straight up that this isn’t normal. And if it was? I was noping out of that situation.

This is one small example. I’ve seen many more.

A lifestyle dynamic is very different than a vanilla dynamic

But there are things that are the same.


-your values

When you first meet someone, you should be either vetting or thinking about vetting.

You are still equals.

Those are things that you would not tolerate being trivialized in a vanilla dynamic. Why would you allow it in a Lifestyle vetting process?

What are some examples you’ve seen or experienced?

Tips for Negotiating the Best Training Contract

When beginning a power exchange dynamic in a new or existing relationship, it is usually helpful to have a series of discussions in order to form a Training Contract. Today we give you tips for creating them and help ease the anxieties surrounding making relationship contracts.

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