Brat Tamer: Primal Top

This is from Fetlife. The author is not a Dom, or really anyone to look up to in the lifestyle. They do not claim to be an educator or mentor of the lifestyle. They are a Top that enjoys writing. Being able to write does not make you educated in this lifestyle. Finding something written that backs up what you thought was BDSM doesnt make it legit. What they are describing below is not a sub or a D/s dynamic. IF you do your research, this describes a primal scene. (*EDIT: not part of the actual Primal lifestyle, but more role playing their actions, just watered down. It’s a Primal Top vs a primal bottom.) That is where the bottom will push the buttons of the Top by acting out, calling them names, teasing them etc its suppose to ignite that primal need to attack and dominant. This is NOT a D/s type of dynamic. This is a scene specific role of a Top/bottom. Taking this out of the scene, even if everyone involved is ok with it, does not make it a D/s dynamic. You can do you all you want, but do not try to change the lifestyle to justify your behavior or lack of knowledge of something that has been around prolly longer than you have.

*edit: i want to add that the Top/bottom kink of brat tamer/brat is not actually Primal. Primal is a respected community within this lifestyle. The brat and tamer take on similar actions to the Primal Top vs the primal bottom scene. Sorry if that offended anyone in the Primal community. That was not my intentions.

*edit: This can also be a SAM (smart ass masochist), that is literally what they have been called for years and years. They are bottoms, since they are masochist. They mouth off to get pain usually in the form of a spanking (which NG twisted into “funishments”)