Clara Premium Jute

You won’t find higher quality shibari rope than this unless you took a trip to Japan! Clara Jute from Esinem sets a new standard in shibari rope! Each of the three strands has 7 sub-plies/strands, each of 5 yarns twisted together. The reason for this construction is to create a super flexible, smooth, loose-laid rope that is also durable and forgiving of rough handling. With this rope, you’ll get the best of both worlds, long life and optimum feel and handling. It’s sweet-smelling due to eco-friendly production methods and wet treating is entirely pointless as it is perfect right off the reel. I recommend letting them dry treat it for you though… which means they oil it and burn off the fuzzies. You can buy them in singles, but save money buying in packs of 2, 4, or 8.

Clara Premium Jute

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Carwash Mop Flogger

f thuddy is what you desire, there’s little better way to get it than from a heavy flogger! Super thud behind this beast. It’s over all length is right at 36″ with 24″ falls, and a 12″ handle for duel hand wielding. This is a heavy toy weighing around 3 lbs! This mop flogger from Brutal Passion is extremely heavy and has between 10-14 square foot of leather used in it’s production, each one is made to order. While you are at their store, also check out their cane sets!

Rainbow HEAVY Carwash Mop Flogger

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