My name reflects a greater focus on self-mastery and spiritual BDSM. The honorific Master is one I am growing into. Saturn comes from both the planetary energy and deity of the same name. Saturn is the patron of BDSM as a god of black leather, bondage, and sadistic pain. Our M/s relationship is a Cooperative Power Dynamic as outlined in the book ‘Building The Team’ by Raven Kaldera and Joshua Tenpenny. https://amzn.to/3q8MfVX

Sadistic Master with a collared submissive 🖤 Together we lead BDSM and Kink groups on FetLife in Waycross, Brunswick and Valdosta. Before the pandemic we hosted monthly munches, one of those munches is where we met for the first time and have been together ever since. We shifted our focus from hosting local events toward a more global audience of adults learning our culture and lifestyle. I host the BDSM United Podcast which averages 400+ listeners each day and together we admin Whips, Chains and Duct Tape, an educational page on Facebook which has over 122k followers.

As BDSM Educators we focus on the teachings and education of traditional BDSM drawing from our rich history. We do not encourage topics that redefine or disrespect traditional BDSM.

I enjoy my ownership of her pussy, mouth, and all the other areas of her body. She’s a painslut who takes a good paddling, loves a caning, and “enjoys” all the other devices Daddy uses to show that she belongs to me. I like using both mental and physical bondage to assert dominance. Forced and multiple orgasms are a notable favorite of mine, showing her that her mind is also mine. She is a very good girl who doesn’t require rules but she certainly gets lots of affirmations, aftercare, and attention. While we are mostly casual, we both have an interest in High Protocol and more traditional styles of BDSM.

We are both polyamorous and bisexual but not currently looking for any new partners. I’m nurturing and enjoy empowering, encouraging, and loving my two partners. My other partner-relationship is vanilla and we aren’t connected here.