BDSM: Reality vs Romance Novels

If you’ve spent much time on BDSM pages and groups you’ll notice all the black and white images of guys in business suits and women wearing cocktail dresses or lingerie. Often those images will be accompanied by some fancy sounding quote that plays further into this fantasy, romance novel image of BDSM. Worse is when you find these in places that are supposed to be about Education.

Romance novels are not typically good resources for BDSM education, largely because they lack representation. Further, romance novels typically do not communicate a clear or accurate message about BDSM. Some cross the lines of consent. These images do not accurately represent the variety and diversity of those who practice the lifestyle of BDSM. As well, these images often do not accurately represent BDSM relationships in their messages.

Hopefully you take them with a grain of salt and are not caught up in their romance novel sounding hype!