Dominance Checklist

Here is a brief checklist to help determine if you might be interested in exploring the identity of Dominant:

_____ You like taking control of a situation.

_____ You are turned on by the thought of your partner performing for you during sex.

_____ The idea of being in control during sex makes you aroused.

_____ Giving spankings and being rough in the bedroom appeals to you.

_____ You like to give your partner praise for a job well done in the form of rewards.

_____ During intimate times you like to treat your partner as your “personal sex object” and enjoy claiming and marking your partner as yours through the act of sex or a collar.

_____ You are a confident person and people have told you, you make a great leader.

_____ You like to playfully talk down to your partner and tease them about things.

_____ You like giving orders on trivial things and dishing out discipline.

_____ Others have praised your shrewd decision making skills.

_____ You are a trustworthy and reasonable person. (Important)

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