Can you tell me ways to serve my Dom?

By: Sharon Lynn

“How can I submit to bring out my Dom’s dominance/make them more Dominant”

We can’t and you can’t.

Someone commented once It’s only service if the Dom wants it.

And that’s 100% true.

I’ll repeat that

It’s only service if the Dom wants it.

Sir likes certain things as service from how I greet Him in the morning, how I send Him to work, how I keep the house, and our evening routine.

I know what He wants because He has communicated that to me.

“I want you waiting by the side of the bed after you pack my lunch”

“I want you to text me when you leave the house”

“I want you to ask permission to sleep in My bed at night”

These are a couple of the things He has told me He wants me to do.

Other D types may not care about this. So if an sub asked their Dom “Sir/Ma’am , May I sleep in the bed tonight”

They will get an idgaf look.

It’s only service if they want it.

So groups can’t answer ways for them how to serve their Dom.

It’s one of the true parts of every dynamic is different..,

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