Clothespin Play

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The wooden ones you use to hang your laundry with … yes, those.

There are also plastic ones, metal, big, tiny (like for scrapbooking), decorative, one with teeth/ridges on the inside, ones with smooth clip ends, etc. The options are endless…

So are the ways you can use them during BDSM play.


Yes and no. It is simply a matter of attaching them to the skin, but HOW and the LOCATION is where the fun lies.

There’s really no limit to where you place the pins – there’s not much that’s off-limits (labia, breasts, ears, fingers, the skin around the rib cage, testicles, nose, armpits, anywhere) … as long as…

It’s within the person’s consented pain tolerance

Doesn’t impede breathing

Isn’t aggravating injuries or wounds

Aren’t put in locations that might cause mental discomfort or trauma


The best place is on the skin between the pointer finger and thumb (and not just on the bottom– anything you use on them you should be able to test on yourself).

Whether it’s too tight or loose depends entirely on the person being pinned.

If they’re too tight, I’ve heard of people clipping the pin open to weaken the coil and therefore make it looser. Some even drill holes into the handles to add spin clamps to adjust the pressure (but too much work if you ask me).

You can also buy specialist pins meant for BDSM but they’re a bit pricey.


Putting them on is as fun as taking them off, but remember one important thing…

Taking them off hurts MORE than putting them on. This comes from the blood rushing back to the area. Some love it, some hate it, some are meh. It depends on the bottom.

As for actual removal, I would recommend just gently removing them (unclamping) if you’re just starting out. After you’re more comfortable with the experience, you can flog them off, whip them off, flick them, or use a ZIPPER!


Pins are attached to a piece of string or rope so when you tug at it they all pop off one after the other. It can make for some very intense pain, pleasure, and fun.

NOTE: Once the pins are on – they MUST, at some point, come off. So if the bottom uses their safety word, you’re in a bit of a pickle. The best way is to just remove them by hand (no zipper pulling) and give them serious aftercare – including discussions on how to avoid a similar painful situation in the future – although, if you just slowly work your way up to these points, it would be rare to run into this situation.


Some feel intense pain (more than the pin going on). Others feel a rush of endorphins and wonderful, warm fuzzy feelings. Some cry. A few say that the areas become hypersensitive afterward – so blowing on the area or caressing it can produce additional physical reactions.


Don’t leave pins on for more than 15-20 minutes

Don’t get pins with teeth, if you use a zipper it could tear skin off

Sand off wooden clips from anything that might splinter

Do not put clips on the clit (too delicate)

Do leave them on for shorter times if you’re a beginner

Watch for blue discoloration of the skin

Watch for coldness or numbness

Be careful around piercings

*pic is of a zipper

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