Cupping – Cupping is an ancient Chinese, Egyptian, and Middle Eastern practice of using glass cups on the skin and creating a vacuum. The resulting effect is to draw blood closer to the surface and therefore “improve circulation” by breaking up stagnant blood and dissolving congested blood. Within BDSM we use the exact same steps as health-related cupping, but in areas that are more erogenous. You’ve heard of a pussy or penis pump? Well, it’s the same idea. First, blood is brought to the area and increases sexual stimulation. Second, the actual pressure and bruising can be sexual for some people as well. There are three main types of cupping. Dry cupping uses mechanical means, such as a pump, to create the vacuum inside the cup. Fire cupping involves heating the area inside the cups to create the vacuum. Wet cupping uses one of the techniques above to create the vacuum. The wetness comes from small lacerations made in the skin. When the vacuum is created, blood is pulled from these tears.

Has a friend or partner ever revealed to you that they enjoy this kink/fetish? Is this something you may be interested in or does this sound like something that might make it on your limit list? If interested, would you be more likely to Top or bottom this kink/fetish? Always remember, no kink-shaming because our lifestyle is full of diversity!

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