adult baby/diaper lover

Autonepiophilia – From the Greek auto (meaning self), nepon (meaning infant), and philia (meaning attachment), this is a fetish that’s also known as “infantilism” or “adult baby/diaper lover” which is often written ABDL. People with autonepiophilia find sexual arousal when brought back to a state of infantilism: crawling, babbling, being fed with a bottle, and wearing diapers. These are adults who look for adult partners willing to play the role of “mommy,” “daddy,” or “nurse.” They get sexual gratification from acting and being treated like a baby. Just like all BDSM, people into infantilism are usually of normal adult intelligence and lead normal adult lives. However, when it comes to their sexual or kink desires, they seek to regress to an infantile state.

Has a friend or partner ever revealed to you that they enjoy this kink/fetish? Is this something you may be interested in or does this sound like something that might make it on your limit list? If interested, would you be more likely to Top or bottom this kink/fetish? Always remember, no kink-shaming because our lifestyle is full of diversity!

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