A Few Hours a Week

When I look at all I want to accomplish I often get overwhelmed at the complexity of it all. That usually leads me to sit and do nothing or retreat to a video game to relax and shoot things. There are plenty of distractions that can lead to endless hours of “me” time.

What is actually helpful is to make a tiny goal and not worry whether I meet it. That goal is usually devoting just a few hours per week to different goals/projects. For example, I try to spend 8 hours per week working on website related content. It might be a podcast, scheduling so e posts, updating our sites, or posting to social media. It’s a big, overwhelming task keeping all this web stuff afloat and also trying to generate growth. Remembering that I only need to spend 8 hours in an entire week helps me relax and often I spend more that that without worrying about it.

I also try to spend 5 or 6 hours a week in magical training. It’s an area I definitely should bump up but it’s also an area where I need to allot time to simply chew on and digest what I’m learning. So I spend probably 5 or 6 additional hours meditating on the training.

I go through seasons of devoting time to musical projects, yard work, gardening, or learning about various things that pop into my world. But I never feel pressure to add too much to my week. I need time for family, sex, play scenes, ect too so devoting just a couple hours per week to learning and hobbies gives me time to spend the bulk of my time with family and working my job

Progress is a long road, but it it made up of many little steps. Direction is as important as projection. So I need to spend a few hours every now and then navigating where I intend to go. Looking back, I can accomplish so much by spending just a few hours here and there on my goals.

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